Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Nobody wants to find an error message where their website should be. The idea alone is enough to send chills down the backs of many business owners backs. You don't know what the issue is, how to fix it, or who is resposible for fixing it.

Your website being down is stressful and pulls you away from your business. I'm intimately familiar with website problems, and I make those problems my business. I've been working with WordPress for over 15 years and have experience in restoring downed websites, reducing the risk of your website going down and ensuring it's secure.

Website maintenance is critical in helping secure it from hackers and ensure things like contact forms continue to work. Whether it's simple content updates, WordPress updates, plugins, or having regular backups. A monthly checkup for your website helps ensure a smoother experience for you and your customers.


WordPress Maintenance

The technical stuff I do in the background

Technical Support

I'm always here to help. Whether you forgot how to change a block of text, want to swap an image for a new one, or add embed a new video. I can make those changes for you, or show you how to easily manage it yourself. You can focus on your business and rest assured that your online presence is being managed with care.

Fixing Errors

Have you ever visited a website where a page wasn’t working or the contact form you submitted just shows an error? There are lots of reasons an issue like this can pop up, but with regular checks and monitoring, those small issues can be fixed before anyone ever notices.

Theme and Plugin Updates

As WordPress received updates, themes and plugins on your website also need to be updated in order for the two to continue working correctly. Just like a car needs a tune-up and oil change, your website needs to have it's code cleaned or replaced once in a while as well - at least if you want it to continue running smoothly.

Website Security

A hacked WordPress site can cause serious damage to your reputation and visibility in search engines, not to mention that hackers can steal user information, passwords, even install malicious software on visitor's devices. Your websites security should not to be taken lightly.

Regular Backups

I'll help setup and manage regular WordPress backups so that there is always a way to revert back in case of an emergency. These can be stored locally on your server or in the cloud, based on your needs.

Uptime Monitoring

Even if you take all the possible precautions to maintain and protect your WordPress site, sometimes your site can still go down for reasons that you can’t control. This is where an website monitoring service comes in, immediately sending a notification if your website goes down.


Website maintenance is important in making sure that your website runs as intended and avoid any unnecessary downtime.  With security breaches daily, it’s important to ensure your website is up to up to date and secure. 

Website maintenance plans vary from client to client since every organization has different needs. Maintenance packages vary based on the size of the website and it's complexity. A simple 5 page website is easier to maintain than an ecommerce site with payment gateways and product orders. 

Monthly website maintenance plans vary based on the site and complexity of the website. Contact me and I can review your website and see what would meet your specific needs.

I understand that needs may change overtime. You can cancel or change your maintenance package at any time and it will be reflected on the next invoice. Please note that plans are often invoiced quarterly.  

Monthly website maintenance plans are either invoiced quarterly or yearly based on your preference.  I try to be flexible and align invoicing with your budgeting. Contact me and we can discuss your specific needs.

Would you like some help maintaining your website?

Do you have a bunch of updates that you're worried will break your website? Are errors showing up across your site and you don't know how to fix them?

Give me a shout. We can have a quick chat, no obligation, no charge. We'll just sit down and review your current website, any issues showing up and how to best approach them.

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