Visual Identity

More than just shapes, colours, and typography.

I like to ask questions and talk about feelings, colors, shapes, and fonts. Designing a logo is an experience onto itself, with an end goal of creating a reflection of your brand and how it feels when someone looks at it. It’s about the message and tone that all of those elements combined tell about you, your business or organization.


Logo Design

Your logo is a small – but very important – piece of your brand. Whether you are creating a new logo or refreshing a brand, it's important that it's done right.

A logo is the introduction, and sometimes, it’s the only thing someone will see before engaging with you. It needs to fit into the identity of your business in order to feel natural and work cohesively in your marketing efforts.

When designing a logo, I ensure it fits with the greater plan of your brand and leaves a lasting impression with your audience.

You'll be provide with logo files in multiple formats, supporting graphics and visual guidelines so that you consistent look across your designs going forward.

Brand Asset Design

Your brand can be applied in various ways that help tell your story. How we do that very much depends on your needs and can be incorporated into an new or on-going brand.

This can include things like business cards, printed promotional materials, signage, templates or graphics for social media posts, stickers, or more. It really comes down to your needs and your audience.


The logo creation process can vary widely depending on the complexity, number of revisions and future applications of the logo. Sometimes a logo that looks great on a large sign does not do as well online or for smaller print pieces.  

Before we start working together, we'll have a conversation about what you're looking for and I'll be able to give you a good idea of cost.


All logo files are prepared as vector PDFs (so that you can scale and print them them at any size) along with other popular web formats. You'll typically receive a folder with the following:

  • Vector files in full colour, black, and white
  • Transparent PNGs
  • Standard JPGs
  • Webp (optimized online image format)

Once completed and delivered, the logo is owned by you. I do not retain any rights once the final payment is made. 

Sometimes a logo file is lost to the ages and the original designer cannot be found.

So your options are to use a pixilated version of your logo or have it recreated in vector format. If you need a vector of your existing logo, contact me and I can take a look. 

Are you looking for a logo design?

Whenther you're looking for a refresh or something completely new, I'm happy to hear your vision and see if we're a good fit.

You can fill out the form or contact me at Piotr [at]